Isla Moda - The World's First Ever Fashion Island

Dubai Infinity Holdings has uncovered their plans to create the world's first dedicated fashion island. The new fashion island will be called Isla Moda and will be located in the set of islands known as The World. The island will have fashion-themed residential villas, haute couture boutiques, fashion resorts, a luxury hotel and medical facilities.

Samira Abdulrazzak, CEO of DIH said, "Isla Moda on The World will be the ultimate all-encompassing fashion experience, providing bespoke shopping, living, dining and entertaining."

“We are working with time-honored fashion houses as well as non traditional designers to create a cohesive yet dynamic island neighborhood that will start with great design and evolve with the tastes of our residents and guests.” continued Abdulrazzak.

Isla Moda plans to hold exclusive international events, including fashion shows and limited edition product launches featuring high-profile fashion designers and attended by the world's top fashion luminaries to draw in holidaymakers.

The first stage of the development will begin by the fourth quarter of this year.

2 Reaction(s):

Sharon said...

Sounds like a dream.

I've heard of only good things about fashion shopping in Dubai. My girlfriend is a flight stewardess and she tells me that's where I need to visit sometime!

Fashion Zealot said...

Dubai is turning into a fantasy island, lol. Have you seen pictures of the Palm Island and The World Island? It's fantastic!