Hollywood Makeover: From Fashion Disaster to Slick, Chic and Glamorous

Whoever said “You can’t change a man” clearly didn’t have these stylish sistas in mind. The likes of Ashton, David and Will were fashion-disaster zones before, but enter Demi, Victoria and Jada and suddenly, the world is their catwalk!

Dude, Where’s My Stylist? Circa 2001 BD (Before Demi), goofball Ashton Kutcher had a penchant for greasy locks and ill-fitting suits.

Enter Demi Moore and suddenly Ashton is slick, chic and surely one half of one of the most stylish couples in Celebdom. Demi, I salute you!

Before ‘spicing’ up his life, David Beckham was more known for his ball control than his headlining dress sense.

Yet with a little subtle manipulation and careful cajoling à la Victoria, he has morphed into this sharply-suited, chiseled Adonis who regularly tops best dressed men polls the world over.

This was the 90's ... When Will Smith was The Fresh Prince, with a penchant for questionable threads, OTT trainers and the tallest hair on planet Hollywood.

But today, Will has more of a penchant for dapper suits, sexy salt ‘n’ pepper hair and working out. Luckily for wife Jada Pinkett.

Looking like a saucy extra from The Matrix, it was doubtful a bondage-clad Seal would ever bag himself a supermodel back in the 90s.

What a transformation! Heidi Klum and Seal are now not only one of the snappiest dressed couples in Celebdom, but also one of my favourites.

Before bagging LA’s most stylish socialite, Joel Madden of Good Charlotte was more hip flop than hip hop.

But enter Nicole Richie – living proof that girlfriends make the best stylists – and suddenly Joel is one half of the most glamorous, in-sync and too-cute couples in California.

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