Pregnant JLo prefers fashion over comfort

While many pregnant women go for comfort over style, Jennifer Lopez has revealed she’s all about nice dresses at the moment. The singer-turned-actress, who is nine months pregnant with Marc Anthony's twins, is determined to stay fashionable, and has not given into the temptation to wear unflattering but comfortable clothes before she gives birth.

Jennifer wore a teal Marchesa dress for an appearance at a New York Fashion Week event on Tuesday night and told People magazine: "People make fun of me because when I have them over to my house I usually have a dress on. I don't like the way the sweatpants look with the extra weight. I like to feel good about myself even at home."

Jennifer is finding it difficult to take it easy despite the fact that she's due to give birth anytime added: “Right now the best thing I can do for myself, for my body is to keep resting which is not easy for me. I like keeping busy and it is very hard because if they say ‘be off your feet for four hours a day’, I’m like ‘oh, God!’ It’s hard.”

2 Reaction(s):

dee_el07 said...

She's really fat.. Wonder if she can still show us her curves after she gave birth.. ?

Fashion Zealot said...

Lol, let's wait and see... I bet she'll do everything just to get back to shape.