Julia Roberts Designs An Armani Bracelet

"Pretty Woman" star Julia Roberts has partnered with Giorgio Armani to design a bracelet for Emporio Armani which will be sold exclusively at on World AIDS Day (Dec 1). The bohemian-style leather bracelets are available in red and brown. It features a "tree of life" imprint with the words "Revolution-Evolution-Devotion" and the initials 'JR' stamped on the inside.

Armani has been a partner in the (PRODUCT) RED initiative which sends revenue from the sales of products to help the fight against AIDS since it started in 2006. The bracelets--$175 for women's and $195 for men's--will be available in jewellery stores worldwide from February 1st.

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Patent Shoes && Rants said...

It could be cute, and I love that it's for charity!


Kevin D said...

If I can rob the bank I will buy some, great idea for charity.